Escalating Risk Around Pills by Post

UPDATE on October 8th, 2020: “Since the 1 April the Department has not been notified of any maternal deaths relating to abortion. The Department is aware of reports of two women who died after seeking abortion treatment earlier this year. Both sought care before the temporary approval came into force on 30 March and physically attended an abortion clinic. Both deaths have been appropriately investigated and in one case investigations are continuing. For the other case, the coroner concluded that there was no evidence to suggest the pregnancy or abortion contributed to the death either directly or indirectly.” – Helen Whately, Minister of State (DHSC), in response to a written question by Scott Benton MP.

URGENT: The CQC is aware of an escalating risk around the ‘Pills by Post’ process; there are 13 related incidents including 2 maternal deaths, the delivery of a baby at 30 weeks gestation, and 3 police investigations, one of which is currently a murder investigation as there is a concern that the baby was live born.

An email sent by a senior chief midwife at NHS England & NHS Improvement, to Clinical Directors and Heads of Nursing, on May 21st, 2020.

We were first made aware of this email in early July; the person who shared it had been prompted into action by the press coverage of our mystery client survey in The Mail on Sunday on July 5th and by The Times on the 6th.

This was a particularly important revelation because it substantiated our survey findings and the concerns about health safety risks raised by Christian Concern in its High Court case on May 19th. Our mystery client survey, and now this NHS email, were both validating the assertion made in my first witness statement:

The approval of a woman’s home and the associated implementation of a fully remote telemedicine process mean that the assessment of gestational age is now solely dependent upon the woman’s accurate and honest recall of the first day of their last period and self-assessment of her medical history.

Witness Statement

After careful verification of the source and checking the validity of this email, we decided that this email needed to be included into the witness statement for the Court of Appeal hearing on July 29th.


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