Public concerned over safety of DIY abortion.

An independent poll, commissioned by SPUC and conducted by Savanta ComRes, found that more than 90% of the general public in Scotland are concerned about safety, quality and legal issues related to the provision of DIY abortion. Some 93% believe that it is important for checks to be “put in place to ensure women being certified for abortion meet the legal criteria.” Governments in Scotland, England and Wales are consulting on the extension of DIY abortion, but would do well to listen to this public concern.

Our mystery client investigation has previously raised concerns that abortion providers are acting illegally – you can download and read this in full.

You can also make a difference now, making your voice heard and helping to add pressure on the government to reverse this dangerous law by responding to the consultation on extending DIY abortion in England. To help you respond, you can join us either on Saturday 23 or Wednesday 27 January for an online briefing, giving you practical tips and advice on how to fill in the online consultation. We’ll be putting out more information about how to join us on our website.

Respond to the English DIY abortion consultation

Christian Weekly News from Christian Concern on January 08, 2021.

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