Missed Period Pills, coming to a campus near you... College students learning about abortion pills from Plan C advocates. They're told: 'It's not a developing baby, it's not even a pregnancy, it's just a missed period - take these [abortion] pills and your period will return. MS Magazine

Surge in 999 calls over at home abortions after NHS controversially started sending powerful pills by post. There is a worrying development, emergency call-outs related to the abortion pills have *doubled* in some regions. Mail on Sunday.

One day this month, we will reach these numbers: 🏘️200,000 women taking the abortion pills at home, since Government approval on 30 March 2020; 🏥10,000 of these women being treated in hospital for complications arising from taking the abortion pills. #EndImmediately

In 2020, Marie Stopes global provision of abortion fell by 40%. They provided 2,800,000 abortions compared to 4.6m in 2019. The original 'target/goal' for 2020 was 5m abortions. The CEO's remuneration has fallen by 43% from 2018, down to £244,000 from a high of £434,000.

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